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Freek Vermeulen | So, you think you have a strategy?

Most companies do not have a strategy. Okay, I admit it: I do not have any solid statistics (if such a thing were possible) as evidence to back up this statement, but I do observe a heck of a lot of companies. And I get the chance to meet with and listen to strategy directors and CEOs while they present their ‘strategies’ — and, I tell you, I think nine out of 10 (at least) don’t actually have a genuine strategy. Read more


FJ Rutjes | 70 days and counting …

In 75 days, Inn0Town will once again welcome an audience hungry to be inspired by the best and brightest in business & beyond. And this year, the stage will be graced by some of the most anticipated speakers in the history of InnoTown.

With a program that is filled with doers, thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs and entertainers, InnoTown has never been a better antidote to the gloom of a global stand-still. And those that visit InnoTown 2013 will be surprised by how much energy, inspiration and actionable lessons they will be able to take back home. Read more


Over the last 13 years, InnoTown speakers have skilfully entertained our audiences with their unique stories. Their talks contain a rich blend of deeply motivational personal journeys and exceptionally practical business cases.

Come and join us at InnoTown next year, June 4th-5th 2014. 

For more information on our world-class program and a unique conference experience, visit our website